Why Choose Max Walls

Welcome to Max Walls International, a family-owned 'boutique-style' real estate company. Our Head Office is located at Manly Beach and has a comprehensive range of properties for sale in Manly and surrounding areas of Sydney.

Here at Max Walls International, our dedicated and highly experienced staff believe in the true meaning of the words 'personal service' - and we gratefully deliver!  Helping you find the best properties for sale in Manly and Sydney.

By choosing to work with a fewer number of clients, with an emphasis on doing the job properly right from the start, we can offer you 'attention to detail' that is second to none when assisting you to find properties for sale in Manly and in Sydney.

That might sound a bit old fashioned to some, but this principle has guaranteed our success AND that of our clients.

Our business philosophy is simple, we do it right the first time, with close attention to each client's individual needs. We are also constantly focused on the most important part of the transaction when selling OR buying a property, which is of course, the best price.

Check out our current list of Properties for sale in Manly and the Sydney area.